The Schaumburg, Illinois-based phonemaker recently introduced the concept of smart-laptop dock with Atrix Android earlier this year. The device, which will start this Sunday at the AT&T comes with an optional dock that looks like a laptop, but not the CPU. The company calls the gadget "Webtop" team, halfway between a phone and a netbook, and plans to extend this concept to its high-end smartphones in the future.

"You see this through our portfolio of high-level smartphones," said Sanjay Jha, CEO of Motorola. "What we're trying to do is recognize that the smart phone works very well, 80 percent of the time, but sometimes you need a larger screen and larger keyboard."
Jha did not reveal what specific models to get a dock or if it was the same design that uses Atrix.

It is unclear if the new dock will be a success. While the smartphone memory and processor speeds are used to run programs on a bigger screen, since the docks were not very popular. Palm announced after a similar concept, called Folio, but reduced before launch.

However, the platform will offer phonemaker a unique selling point against the Apple iPhone and other Android phone manufacturers in the highly competitive market.

Motorola desperately needs an edge in this sector. Recently, the company sold fewer phones in the fourth quarter of 2010, after Verizon launched the iPhone. Verizon has been a strong partner network to the machine to the U.S. over the phone, but the iPhone has attracted some of its sales in the operator's network.

However, the company is responding and has already introduced three new smart phones, including Verizon Droid Bionic.

The executive director also revealed that Motorola will launch more tablets, various screen sizes, before the end of the year. She has recently published tablet Xoom, which has been selling well, according to the company.

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