The last stack IPAD two rumors that preceded Wednesday's event media pin Apple released a white version of the popular tablet touch screen.

9to5Mac sent a picture (via iFixYouri) who claim to be the leading edge of a new second IPAD And guess what?
It is white.

Could it be that Apple could launch a white 2 IPAD, a product that has not even been officially announced, however, before you can unlock the iPhone White 4? Will we ever see a white  Apple iPhone 4?

The white iPhone 4 issues have been largely attributed to the opacity of the white paint too much light to enter the unit, causing problems with the internal sensors. With the IPAD 2 must have at least one camera in front, we must assume that Apple has solved this problem? And if so, we will see a white iPhone 4  announced at a ceremony on Wednesday?

No doubt this is all very intriguing. Fortunately we have answers on 2 March.

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