Botnets are networks of infected computers that have hackers and grouped under their control to propagate viruses, sending illegal spam attacks and carry out the web sites because of the accident.

What makes botnets exceedingly bad is that it is difficult to go back to their creators, and the increasing use of them in extortion schemes. How are they used in the diets of extortion? Imagine that someone send you either to pay or view your site down. This scenario began to play again and again.
Botnets can consist of thousands of compromised machines. With this network, botnets can use Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) as a way to cause mayhem and chaos. For example, a small botnet with only 500 bots can bring corporate web sites to their knees using the combined bandwidth of all the computers to overwhelm corporate systems and thereby make the web site it appears online .

Jeremy Kirk, IDG News Service January 19, 2006, quotes Kevin Hogan, senior manager of Symantec Security Response, in his article "Botnets shrinking, more difficult to identify," Hogan said "extortion have emerged backed by the muscle botnets, and hackers also rent the use of military computers for illegal purposes through advertisements on the Web. "

A known technique to combat botnets is a honeypot. Honeypots help understand how attackers infiltrate systems. Honeypot is essentially a set of resources that will be compromised in order to examine how hackers can break the system. Unpatched Windows 2000 or XP machines make great honeypots given the ease with which such systems can be made.

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