Last week, Apple announced that the special event will be held March 2 at Yerba Buena Center in San Francisco. Since the news media went non-stop publishing rumors Spree unrealistic. Here are five things we can certainly reasonable to expect the iPad 2.

Front Facing Camera

During the opening WWDC 2010 Steve Jobs introduced a front facing camera on the iPhone and FaceTime platform for video calls. Since then, technology has made its way to the iPod touch and Mac with the latest generation of tablets Google offers video calls honeycomb, it makes sense that Apple put the IPAD two FaceTime.

The Same Display

While the iPhone and iPod touch screen function Retina, Apple is not able to add an iPad 2 Although high-resolution display to be spectacular, would not be practical. Doubling of the current resolution is 2048 x 1536 pixels, which is higher than the 1080p HD content. Unfortunately, the quality of video content that does not exist yet. Retina larger screen would also demand more processing power makes the graphics, which could take a big toll on the battery.

Lowest Price

Of course, beyond the impressive sales figures, there is no pressure to cut prices. However, Apple could release the iPad 2 price $ 399 asking to remain at the forefront. This also gives them flood the market IOS market share the platform at the rear of the new Android, BlackBerry and tablet webOS. At least, Apple drops the price of the original iPad significantly.

Better Internal Hardware

IPad next two will probably see the next generation processor A5, an upgrade of the existing A4. Apple will probably launch a better graphics chip RAM and dual 512 MB. Keeping in line with iPhone 4, the new IPAD inside.Although gyroscope probably some believe that Apple will equip IPAD 2 with a dual core processor, it probably will not happen. This will greatly damage the battery. Although the tablet is unlikely to have an SD card reader, you can see a USB port due to strong customer demand.

Lighter and Thinner

For example, when the iPhone and iPod touch refreshes, the iPad 2 certainly has a slimmer frame. The voices have suggested that the tablet can carbon fiber body of sport, or similar material, which would make it much lighter. Apple's recent acquisition of patents liquid metal supports that view. After many complain of the initial weight and the Apple iPad would certainly be taken into account.

Bottom Line

If you waited to buy a tablet, IPAD 2 is a perfect choice. The event is less than a few days and I'll avoid the temptation to give the current model. While some rumors suggest that this can be a slight improvement in the existing version, it would be very unlikely for Apple to move away from their traditional 12-month long cycle.


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