What are the different types of batteries?

Batteries are grouped in two ways. It is a process of application and construction. The batteries are the main applications in the automotive, marine, and deep-cycling. Although the type of construction is flooded, gel and AGM.

Deep-bike battery has a capacity of solar electricity back-up. What is a technical description ... Compared to AGM batteries, this guy is dying of hunger mechanism of electrolyte or dry. Most of the demand for batteries is a high density of fiberglass combined with sulfuric acid, which is "no excess liquid" compounds.
Construction batteries have a standard connector and detachable. It is sometimes called maintenance-free battery. It also has a control valve closed. The valve helps a little pressure regulated.

A complete diagram of all battery types, see the link to the author's signature.

What is a DC battery?

DC is a sort of electricity delivered. Using a DC battery to the electric charge moves in one direction. It can cause an imbalance of electrical charges.

The side of the battery is sealed with CD electrolytes and various forms of metal. Electrolytes have a different form of electrons and positive charge.

Terminal positive and negative terminals. These posts are linked. Current flows connecting the poles.

What are sealed batteries?

Sealed batteries can not be damaged and a maintenance-free battery. They have no liquid, no corrosion. A sealed battery has a characteristic of low self-discharge rating and cracking.

A sealed battery is designed for starting and reserve. It has a longer lifespan and more relevant lines. Most sealed batteries are used to obtain a "cost reduction" out of battery and to minimize the cost to the user.

What is a deep cycle battery?

A deep cycle battery is usually a thick plate of lead-heavy. This plate can resist the deep charge battery. He can not do without a fast charge from a starter battery. It can also be used to initiate combustion in engines. It is a kind of battery with more life because of its thick plates.

What is a starting battery?

starter battery is provided for combustion engines, will continue without interruption. It has several thin disks, allowing them to release a large amount of power very quickly, just a little 'time.

On the other hand, a starting battery can not stand to be deeply discharged. Most starter batteries can withstand complete discharge a few minutes before the penalty.

What is a gel cell battery?

A gel battery is also called a cell freezing. He has a quantity of silica gel that turns into a solid mass acids. The great advantage of these batteries is that it is impossible to drip acid even if broken.

This type of battery is charging slowly. They can not cope with the classic car charger. The current is also limited. They can also be easily damaged.

What is an AGM battery?

AGM stands for Absorbed Glass Mats ". There is a new type of sealed batteries that are used between the plates. The plates are composed of very fine fibers of boron and silicon glass. This type of battery has the same characteristics of a type gel, but it may take more than a landfill.

It also does not spread if it is broken. fiberglass to help hold together the acid and electrolytes. It is also immune to reverse the damage because it has no fluid in the inner layer.


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