Help them learn to use your new digital camera to see what some of the more common terms mean. Here are many of these common terms defined camera

Auto Mode: A framework that sets the focus, exposure and white balance automatically.

Burst Mode or Continuous Capture Mode: a series of pictures taken one after the other to quickly timed intervals with one press of the shutter.
Compression means the process of compacting digital data, images and text, deleting selected information.

Digital Zoom: cropping and enlarging the central portion of an image.

JPEG: The predominant format for image compression in digital cameras

Time difference: The pause between the time the shutter is pressed and when the camera actually captures the image

LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) is a small screen on a digital camera for viewing images.

Lens: A circular and transparent glass or plastic piece that serves to collect light and focus it on the sensor to capture the image.

Megabyte (MB) Measures of 1,024 kilobytes, and refers to the amount of information in a file, or the amount of information

be on a memory card, hard drive or disk.

Pixel: The smallest units of colors that make up digital images. Pixels also measure digital resolution. One million pixels adds to a mega-pixels.

RGB: Refers to the color red, green, blue, computer used to create all other colors.

Resolution: Resolution of the unit indicates the number of pixels used to create the image, which determines the amount of detail a camera can capture. The more pixels a camera has the details that can record and over the photograph can be printed.

Memory: removable storage device that holds the camera captured images comparable to film, but much smaller. Also known as a digital camera memory card ...

Viewfinder: The optical "window" to look through to compose the scene.

White Balance: White balance adjusts the camera to compensate for the type of light (daylight, fluorescent, incandescent, etc,) or lighting conditions at the scene is normal to the human eye.

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