During last year's CES, 3D TV has had a great show, but there seemed to be the lack of support from other consumer electronics. However, things were very different, because this year there was a great show. Sony Digital 3D and range of the camera is not so great right now, but during a recent short-Connected Products NetShelter we went out and understand their views on 2011 and beyond. So let us control the technology that is available so far.

Sony said it is the consumer electronics manufacturer that covers the entire 3D world from behind the camera at home. However, it is necessary to move at a faster pace this year, because we can see two 3D cameras and digital camcorders. This is the Sony HDR-TD10 full HD video camera and the DSC-Wx5 and Sony DSC-TX9 Cyber-shot.
Sony HDR-TD10 has been a long time, but most of you think that the wait is worth it. It is great to have 3D video recording of something and then it can be replayed Sony BRAVIA TV Full 3D support? What makes this device is more versatile as a move from 2D to 3D in an instant. You can not help thinking that you are looking for portable Johnny Five short circuit between the two eyes staring at you.

The DSC-Wx5 not what I would say a 3D camera, as it only has a multi-angle images provide 3D effects. However, it is still very efficient in how it succeeds. You still need a TV to view 3D images to life.

Sony Digital Cameras TX9 also employs the same technology, but this is certainly a more expensive product. We must ask ourselves how much truth is a matter of Sony when they say that this model offers a "DSLR-like image quality, and what we are doing, etc. TX9 has a touch screen, it makes the camera much easier, even if you have to keep in clean the screen.

These are only three 3D photographic equipment that Sony had to offer and we hope to see many more in 2011. Do you think that 3D will be as large as consumer electronics makers say it will be?


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