Have you seen the dreaded demon-eye effect that occurs when the flash bounces off the eye of a person or a pet. Otherwise, a wonderful picture of this can be ruined. Technically this is called "red eye" and occurs when the pupil of the eye is open and the light of the camera's flash is reflected from the retina topics. Humans, the color ends up red, your pet, the color is often green.red eye

Many image editing programs, red-eye correction filter, but this does not give a picture of the person seems "normal." These filters do not work actually produced by the green eyes of your pet. Specialty stores sell pens that are used to determine the red-eye, but still are not always observed in nature and not green. The best to prevent the demon-eye from the beginning.
It is rare to find a digital camera that does not come from a red-eye. This feature can be enabled or disabled. It is better to leave in all cases other than direct sunlight. The function of red-eye reduction works by flashing a brief burst of light on your subject before you click on the image. This burst of light causes the subject's pupil to close and makes it less likely for the camera flash reflecting off the retina. This reduces the risk of redeye.

It also helps to direct the flash of your camera does not hit in the eye of the subject. Bounce the flash of a nearby wall or other object to soften its effect and reduce the risk of unwanted disease. Between bouncing the flash and use the functionality of their digital camera red-eye reduction, your little angel, either human or animal, they have eyes that do not ignite.


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