Is your computer was slower than normal? Are you worried about someone accessing your computer and steal your private information and use it against you? If so, what are the feelings I've shared with you in the past.

Some time ago, my computer 3 years has been so slow that I had to buy a new computer. Or at least I thought I needed a new computer. Then, in a matter of weeks of sailing, my new team has been so slow. Additionally, some programs do not work properly on my computer, and I did not recognize some of the programs that were running on my computer. What I most fear. Are there any programs that were tracking my keystrokes on my computer or programs that not only recalls the installation? I knew I had to find a quick answer and solution.

The truth is that we can all do with a slow computer, but very few of us want others to have access to information on our computers, but that's exactly what can happen when spyware or malware is loaded onto our computers without our knowledge.

According to the website of Spyware Nuker, "Spyware are programs and files that hide on the hard drive of your PC without your knowledge directly. These programs allow hackers and advertising companies to track their every move, both online and even when working offline. You can track the sites you visit, the items you purchase online, send and receive messages to your IM box dialog, and worst of all you can even record your credit card number, personal identification numbers, and all their passwords. If you use the connection to connect to the Internet, spyware can be used to bill 900 numbers to your phone bill. This is just a short list of the damage by spyware. "
 Site also has statistics that show spyware is a huge problem affecting many people. "27.3 million Americans were victims of identity theft in the last five years, of which 9,910,000 persons, representing 4.6% of the population last year alone."

It is also very easy for the computer to be infected with spyware "Most downloadable games, music, screensavers, etc, can infect your computer with spyware or adware. Most people do not know that after a single click on a random sample of "pop-up ad, your computer may have been infected by spyware or adware."

No matter how you get spyware, here are 10 real reasons you do not want spyware on your computer.
  • Your computer may start running slower
  • Some programs on your computer will not run correctly
  • You may not recognize programs that are now on your computer because they may have been installed
there by a website associated with spyware or program you loaded on your computer.

In addition, you may be concerned that:
  • 4. Someone might be able to read your e-mails
  • 5. Someone might be able to access your e-mail list
  • 6. Someone might be able to see you track the keystrokes you type
  • 7. Someone might be able to access your credit card information on your pc
  • 8. Someone might be able to access your passwords list on your computer
  • 9. Someone might be able to steal your social security number
  • 10. Someone might be able to track all the web sites you visit
As I said, most of these programs, contact your computer with out even knowing, but another frustrating part I've heard some of these programs because I remember installing and uninstalling them! So now I know that when you install some of these utilities useful for monitoring online passwords or programs that allow you to e-mail or follow the rules, even if they take away, can not be away from your computer. They're still computers, waiting to spy on us, at least.

A great way to find and remove spyware is to run a spyware detector and remover. Most spyware detection and removal software today offers a free analysis to verify that you do or do not have spyware on your computer.


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