Easy to install: most network cameras on the market are Plug and Play and / or have a very easy to follow instructions for the hardware and software end.

Relatively cheaper than other security systems: instead of paying well-trained technician to install the complex CCTV system, and pay for the maintenance arrangement in place, it can have a web camera security system, which can carry themselves against the traditional CCTV and security systems.

Works with your existing computer network: If you already have a home network so the network camera works with your settings so you do not have to pay more for a proper security infrastructure.

Provides peace of mind: to watch at home, watching the baby's room, watching your vacation home, watch your dog when you are on vacation, etc.
View remote areas, to the extent that the world or its own terrace of a centralized area. You can not even see their children in the nursery (such as child care policies if it becomes standard)

Flexibility: prefer not to be linked to the control panel of security or business security hire full-time to monitor things, then get security warnings, you can see on the mobile phone, laptop or PDA, and allows multiple users to access different asset security.

Receive messages via e-mail when motion detected, or when someone visits your home or when your children leave home to spend time.

Can have poor image quality, depending on model and configuration and wireless cameras generally have a poorer image quality in the lower midrange.

For more bells and whistles, like sound recording, e-mail messages regularly, and motion capture, which varies considerably from the model and description of the software.

In general, the external control equipment is more expensive, especially if you want the ability to remotely move, tilt, zoom, zoom, and want a waterproof camera. However, for a system in the country probably not as urgent as opposed to a business situation.

Depletes the computer network, if you have a fast computer, then there is a possibility of a slight slowdown in the resources of their community.

Remember that despite the drawbacks, the benefits outweigh the results as they provide a safer lower-cost installation and maintenance of traditional CCTV systems.


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