Samsung will launch Thursday of the ultra-slim, ultra-light notebook designs and premium Series 9 is the head, to head with Apple MacBook Air now - and so begins the war in laptops slim.

Apple announced Thursday redesigned MacBook Pro and Intel universal Lightning may have attracted the most media attention, but if you are looking for smarter, more portable laptop (and is fully compatible) Now, Samsung has just taken the head.

Series 9 Cell launched in South Korea, country of origin Samsung, and it is planned to begin selling in the U.S. and other countries in March. Since the MacBook Air is not due for an upgrade for several more months, the Samsung Series 9 will be your most portable solution thinnest and lightest laptop at the moment.
In many ways, the Samsung 9 Series is a bit 'like the MacBook Air, a premium design and high-end prices. 9-series has a suggested retail price of $ 1,599 to the price of $ 1,299 and $ 1,599 (depending on storage capacity) and the MacBook Air - not much of a difference.

For this price, the Samsung Series 9 lets laptop a bit thinner and lighter (0.64 cm thick compared to the MacBook Air 0.68 inches, 2.89 pounds compared to 2.9 pounds), more memory (4 GB 2 GB cons), and material quality duralumin aircraft (twice as strong as aluminum). Windows starts in less than 20 seconds viewing angles of 160 degrees, and seems designed for notebook users who care about quality of form and function.


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