I was armed with Alix for about a month now. I must say that this bag is my favorite. You can take a beating and still look good. If your passion is fashion, this bag is your forte match.Made Brazilian nappa leather, Alix is a large, beautiful bag. Alix takes a lot. In addition to my 13-inch MacBook, you can easily store everything including the kitchen sink. Plenty of space for back-up files, books, notebooks, and even the iPad. I particularly like the flexibility of this bag. This is a lightly padded interior. It is not too thick but thick enough to protect the technology. Has several internal pockets to put your pens, business cards, phone, camera and keys.
As I said, this bag is huge. I especially like the small outer pocket which is perfect for the iPhone. I tend to put so much stuff inside the bag, such as water bottles, toys and snacks. Sometimes I feel like Mary Poppins.

Is difficult. It amazes me how he got up. It can withstand being launched with little wear. The thick strap is sturdy and will stay on your shoulder, even if you wear a thick jacket. Additional stabilizing cross body strap (also leather) comes with the bag, but I've never used.

Stylistically, Alix is distinguished from other laptop bags fashion chain necklace. Chain unzips to reveal a secret pocket, which is the bag width. I do not want to say anything too important in this pocket, however, especially if you have bags of coarse me. Very often, something to pull down the chain of hinges without my knowledge. What you can slip in your pocket if you're careful. It 's a nice feature, but it is more decorative than functional. Inside Alix is so huge that this secret pocket is not even necessary.

The Alix laptop bag is ideal for professional women. It is a head-turner, though, so be prepared for the compliments!


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