Once you have taken photos with your digital camera, save them somewhere. You can always leave them on the memory card but it would be very expensive, so we'll examine some other options.

Transfer your images on your computer. Most cameras come with a cable to connect the camera to the computer, a CD with a downloader and an instruction manual. The image transfer is fast and easy. Once you are on your computer, you can delete images from memory card and start taking more pictures.

Burn your pictures on a CD. If you have a CD burner on your computer, you can create discs of photos to store or share with others. When it comes to photos, it is often preferable to use a CD that can not be replaced. This will save the grief of losing your precious photos. CD label and the store where he may have come when you need to see your photos.digital camera
Save the images in a public web site. There are many image hosting sites on the Internet. Some of the services, but many are completely free. You can choose to password protect files, or share with the world. This option helps if the lock. Your photos are safe.

Print your photos and put them in an album. Many people still like turning pages in a scrapbook memories and review. This also makes it possible for those who do not have a computer to see your photos.

Create a photo gift. There are sites at which it will have your digital images and put them in t-shirts, mouse pads, mugs, calendars and many other topics. These make wonderful gifts and provide a way to keep an image dear to close at any time.

These are just some suggestions. Using your creativity, you end up with more ideas.

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