Fujifilm Finepix X100 was a surprise statement at Photokina in Germany last September. Since then we have been closely following his progress - the first time in the prototype (no viewfinder) CES 2011 in Las Vegas and now, just to get hold of a management degree. Finished versions of the X100 has to go, then says Fuji, just a couple of weeks - so those looking for one of the first might want to buy it focuses on Imaging 2011 tickets now, so what they say, there will be a few available show in Birmingham.

Despite being a niche, compact with a 23mm fixed lens (35mm is a full-frame 35mm equivalent) f / 2.0 lens and 12.3 megapixel APS-C, the combination of these elements and retro design of the X100 Driver has become a calling card for photo enthusiasts since its announcement. The X100 is currently exclusive Hybrid Research - offers two optical viewfinder and electronic into a single package - have also been a point of major interest.
The X100 is a fixed 23mm lens itself (35 mm equiv full screen.) Cover the 12.3-megapixel CMOS APS-C size sensor. The fixed-format lens will limit the appeal of the camera, but these diehard traditionalists looking for the best way to play 35-mm conventional street photography in digital format will be more than happy with what this unit can do. Close-ups are possible in about 10 cm from the lens in macro mode, but it is likely that some of the base at least in length and average width of the lens - which was visible in the viewfinder to the edges.

Put the Fuji X100 with other compact and looks like an entirely different beast. Firm in his style, the X100 combines an aperture ring itself (f / 2.0 f/16) around the same lens and shutter a separate sphere in the top of the camera. Deliciously retro feel, but it is also possible to assign the two options "A" (automatic) completely automatic point and shoot, really a priority because ISO mode can still be adjusted with the Fn (function). And a front wheel is a button-cum-rocker switch on the back that can be used to extend when focusing manually and opening displacement 1 / 3 increments instead of the aperture ring. Manual focus is a bar at a distance in the bottom of the 2 0.8 inch, 460k-dot LCD for adjustment, if the trip is to adjust the lens can be a little disconcerting.

Moreover, given the size of the camera, it's a shame that more and more LCD screen is not trapped in even richer experience.

Fujifilm Finepix The X100 also has some other features of the top: the valve itself is threaded to the appropriate filter fan exposure and long term will be a pleasure to see the two "B" (bulb) and "T" (Time) options on the shutter dial. And fans of traditional film will be best pleased with the addition of Velvia, Provia and Astia ways mimic the slide or favorite movie investment. Even with an ND filter can be deployed for longer exposures or use all the aperture f / 2.0 in the brightest conditions.

But the X100 is not FinePix ancient traditions: the inclusion in real-time acquisition mode Panorama and a variety of shooting styles, and even 720p HD video recording mode is an indication of its current position. Standard three-pin hotshoe mount means that the external flash is possible using one of the optional EF-20 (GN 20), or EF-45 (GN 45) Flashguns. E 'centrally located in the flash on the camera body itself, which is good to avoid stray fingers, but is less effective and more direct than an accessory.

Using the X100 feels too big and the table of 49 AF points (see 25 points for using the optical viewfinder) covers almost the entire width of view. This means that almost butt AF can not be achieved, while fine-tuning point and personalized care is also available if you look through the viewfinder or use the back of the LCD screen.


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