The man behind the creations of Domke bags is Jim Domke. It all started when he thought the design of the fellowship of the shooter, which gives easily when Philadelphia Inquirer is currently carrying out a worker. He pointed out that most of the models of bags are more storage or for carrying cases have a lot of padding and bulk. For him it is unnecessary and unpleasant, because it can take off speed, capacity and utility.

So he created a bag with a buffer for, and has plenty of room. The design will allow you to get your equipment immediately without having to remove the bag from your shoulder. Jim Domke ideas were greatly appreciated by his colleagues and other photographers. Therefore, engineering expertise has become a product line of intelligent design bag and accessories to be recognized by photojournalists around the world.
Domke Bags extraordinary materials and innovative features. It provides opportunities for people of his own that fits their preferences and

If you lean more in the simple, classic design, the canvas is perfect for you. cotton canvas truck is natural, soft, soft, smooth texture, which combine perfectly with your body. These materials are sympathetic to both clothing and equipment. The fabric is naturally water resistant, but other repellent treatment is included in the process of death to give additional protection. You do not have to worry because the fabric can still breathe while staying dry even in wet environments. The models are the F-1X slightly larger original F-2, F-3X Super Compact, F-4AF Pro System, F-5XB Shoulder / Belt, F-6 slightly smaller, and F-7 Double AF.

If you prefer a more high technology, ballistic nylon is a safe bet. Its design is cool and fabrics are water resistant. The texture is more pronounced compared to advertising with urethane sturdy and weatherproof. It keeps its shine and shape even after heavy use because of its flexibility. The models include the F-1XB Ballistic, F-2B Ballistic, F-3XB Ballistic missile and F-6B. They are made of ballistic nylon 1050-denier and 200 denier fabric inside the package.

The material found in Domke bags are tough and tested street. They use more adjusters, buckles, clips and ringtones. You can see that most of the bags feature steel carabiners bombproof. Welded steel rings to provide a closure that is handled like a lock. Another element is to provide DuPont Delrin composite.

The non-slip grip strap regular maintenance of your shoulder. High friction rubber is specially woven belt harder and thicker than that also surrounds the bottom of the bag with maximum safety and support.
Another unique creation Domke Padded Insert System is to protect and organize your tools in bulk, and less hassle. These are separate entities, blades, which you can customize the Domke bags suitable for any combination of devices or applications. These are also the most comprehensive and independent storage system, which does not exist on solid walls, floors, bridges and hatches of other bags.

Higher professional photographers rely on Domke camera bag when it comes to reliability and quality. "Brand" has already gained the reputation of the production of stock for more than thirty years. Domke bags and accessories are constantly monitored the types of photo enthusiasts who go out on the streets or in the tropical heat.

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