Is there really a difference what size memory card you use? For your camera, not to you, but it could mean the difference between getting the desired image or run out of space on your memory card.

When choosing the most logical size, take into account the number of pictures you usually take at a time. Your needs if you're a world traveler will be different from those of a person who only uses a camera for holiday gatherings. You must also decide the size of the files are the pictures you take. Smaller files such as images online has less space and allows you to fit more on a map. Enlarge the print files will need more space.
If you have a camera 2 mega-pixels, 128 MB is sufficient. For a 3 or 4-megapixel

camera, a 128 MB or 256 MB memory card is usually a lot. For a 5 megapixel camera, start with a memory of 256 MB.

Here is a guideline of how many pictures a flash memory card can be:

A 128MB flash memory card can store about 21-41 large, uncompressed images or up to 100 small, compressed images.  This is good enough for most photographic needs.

A 256MB card will store about twice that, 42-82 large pictures and nearly 200 smaller ones.  Important events like weddings and once in a lifetime events might warrant this size just to make sure you don’t miss that one special moment. memory cards

A 1GB card has room for nearly 4 times as much as a 256MB card, If you are planning a long vacation with a lot of picture taking, this might be best with the capacity to hold 168-328 large images and a total of close to 800 smaller images.

Whatever you decide, remember you can always use several smaller cards and just change when they are full. It only takes a few seconds to change memory cards, so do not panic if you do not have a big memory card.

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