Although some of the cheap digital cameras have only automatic focus, meaning that the camera does all the work to put the subject in the best possible development, most digital SLR offers three modes for different : manual, single auto focus and continuous autofocus. These three will be discussed here.

When the manual focus mode, the camera is out of focus equation and you, the photographer, make all the decisions on this. This is done by setting different buttons or even use the focus ring rotates the camera lens attached. For those who want to bring their creativity to the finished product, this is the best focus.

One-Shot AF mode, the camera shutter button fully to take a photo or halfway to lock focus. This mode is useful when shooting static objects.
Automobile insurance is the focus of the camera continuously focuses on the objects in the image. In this mode, the camera continuously corrects the focus as the distance of objects from the camera changes. This mode is useful when taking photos of moving objects, like a racing car during a race or airplanes during an air show. You can keep the shutter button and still move the camera follows the object. The camera continuously keeping the object of discussion.focus modes

Like any other feature automatic and manual focus modes have their pros and cons. The first step to using them to your advantage is to understand how they work and what they were designed for. The next step is to experiment shoot photos using different focus modes and different types of objects and see how the camera behaves. Once you have done that you will be ready to instinctively use the best focus mode for each photo situation.

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