The competition heats up as Apple closed HTC Smartphone

This week is set at one week of Apple - the second generation of IPAD was released on Wednesday. But the best of the UK, the sales pitch is likely to HTC. The hyperbolically called HTC Amazing S is the latest smartphone from Wang and received rave reviews so far in the technology press.

At the end of this year, HTC to launch a competitor to iPad, Flyer. When the tablets of the most tech companies that ancient Mesopotamia, "says Wang Flyer is not another" me too device. "What we're doing is quietly brilliant," he says.

He said that the Flyer was designed for the same weight as the average pocket book (420 grams), approximately half the weight of an iPad, and be much smaller. And while it will be a touchscreen device, said Wang will not be identified by touch - users can draw and write notes anywhere on the device. The goal, he says, is to produce something different, something that produces the "moments of joy."
To obtain these moments HTC is a "magic laboratory" where ideas are worked. One idea is a laboratory technique that makes it strong smart phone ring in a bag or pocket, but softly gathered.
Wang started the laboratory five years ago and technicians worked through ideas to make their devices as simple and friendly as possible. The incredible, for example, buttons that change direction depending on how the telephone. "When people use the word innovation, they often refer to 1.5GHz, 4.4in display, megapixel camera," he said. "But it's often the details, not the characteristics that make customers think" this is so good. "
The strategy seems to be interesting. According to technology analysts Gartner, sold 3m HTC smartphones in the United Kingdom last year, compared to 5m from Apple. In the last quarter of the year HTC sold 1.1 million, nearly 1.4 million Apple. Overall, the company reported net income of $ 500 (£ 310,000,000) for the last quarter of 2010, an increase of 160% from 2009 to the quarterfinals. Sales grew 153% last year.

Google and HTC are close partners, search giant used equipment HTC phones when they were developing for Android. Android first seemed a failure, but now sold all its competitors combined in the United States. Then there is the tombstone, which Google is also willing to leave their mark. "I think we are just at the beginning of innovation in the pickup market," said Wang.

Graham Stapleton, sales director of Carphone Warehouse and Best Buy, the retailer said it had seen strong sales growth of HTC in recent months. "Their customers have always been more of a business / professional user. In the 12-18 months that have led to several pioneers of customers, people who want the latest technology."


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