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One of the leading brand companies which manufactures, develops, and markets high quality products is the KATA Group or KATA. They integrated smart protective solutions with their innovative carrying equipments. Thus they created high-end products suited for professionals all over the world with regards to Protection, Security, High-Tech Industries, and Video-Photo markets.

Their story began when Nitzan Kimchi and Dror Tishler, owner and founder of the Kata, he studied the complexity of military equipment. It's;been a time when served in the Israel Defense Forces (IDF). After that they offered and to develop solutions for the Israeli secret service and the Israeli army for more than a decade. They created the Kata in 1992 in response to growing demand for their products. Kata developed world-class company is not the time for laboratory R and D.
Kata camera bags are very nice options for photographers carrying photographic equipment. They offer a wide range of models to suit every discerning photographer unique tastes and needs.

Medium Shoulder Cases have agreed to hold the camera with accessories. Designs include SB-902 (GDC Small Reporter Shoulder case), SB-904 (GDC Reporter Shoulder case), 9GDC WS-604 Waist / Shoulder Case), SB-907 (GDC Large Reporter Shoulder case), MC-61 (GDC MULTI case, the media / digital SLR camera with a laptop, WS-606 (GDC Large Reporter Shoulder case), EXO CCC-33-3333 (Medium Shoulder bodies event 2-4, 2-4 with a flash, lens) banana-2 (Shoulder protection due to medium-sized cameras and accessories), Maze-2 (suit 35mm SLR with 4-6 lenses or systems of large average size), and banana-3 (medium-sized protective shoulder problem and large format cameras).

Small business shoulder suitable for digital SLR cameras. Models include: FOCUS FOCUS-Q and N-shoulder-Bag (Camcorder / SLR, MP3, PDA, phone and accessories and personal gear), EXO and EXO-12-7 (shoulder bag for camera large digital SLR cameras) Shell-03 CCC-2003 (Hard Shell Camera Bag for digital SLR body), CC-190 (GDC cases), CC-191 (GDC DV cases), CC-193 (GDC HDV case) CC-195 (GDC case), and CCC-103 CCC-101 (for digital SLR camera body with professional goal).

small camera cases, small cases for cameras and accessories. The models are: D Pixel Pixel bag loop I loop the loop J Pixel Snapshot D Flap Bag Flap bag bag Snapshot Snapshot I Flap Bag J Macro KS Mini Shoulder Bag, Macro KB Mini-Belt Bag, C-52, C-54 , C-56, C-58 and C-59.

Scholarship camera and mini-cases are special cases of compact and commercials. Models: D Pixel loop bag, loop I Bag of pixels, pixels bag loop J, Snapshot Tab D-bag, I-Flap Bag Snapshot Snapshot J Flap bag-EC-01 EC-02, P- 38, P-36, P-34 and P-32.

camera packages are deep pockets of the torso and shoulder to carry the camera diagonally forward. The models are: Zoom-In-N Sling Pack, T-212, T-214, S-308, MPS (modular bag and S-312.
Camera rain covers are sufficient to meet the objectives and cameras in a state of the climate. Models include: E-690, E-702, E-704, CRC-13 and CRC-14.

Case footrest, tripods, and support. The models are: Hexabag-1-2 Hexabag, Tripoaction Tripoaction-41-42-1 Triposoft, Triposoft-2, Triporigid-1, Triporigid-2, and Multilong-1.

You can just choose which of these products online KATA and control their global network of resellers and distributors to find one that is closest to your location. Or you can visit their website for updates and comparisons. Make sure you understand their ordering policy and the terms and conditions before buying.


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