Have you recently bought an iPod? Or are you on the verge of buying one?

Look around you next time your out. iPods are as prolific as cell phones. Of course they are! The iPod is a great gadget! Do you know the first thing to do after buying an iPod?

Need to protect him! Most people do not. Although the iPod owner to use up to $ 30 - $ 60 USD iPod accessories. That 30-60% of the price of the original iPod.

Most people buy fancy accessories such as an FM transmitter, docking station, wireless remote kit. Do not get the wrong idea about me, these gadgets are great, but the first accessory you should buy is to protect your iPod.
Get the basics before receiving novelty items. iPod skins and cases come in a variety of styles and quality. Whatever your style - is a case for you!

By purchasing a Skin or Case you'll be protecting your iPod from these common problems:

* Click wheel scratches
* iPod screen scratches.
* Mirrored back scratches.

Although the vast Apple iPod, which still suffers from some significant problems. The surface is easily scratched and short battery life. These issues have been less than the resale value of your iPod. This may not seem important, but if you want to change your older newer, these things matter. In addition, he wants his pristine, beautiful iPod all scratched up? Every time you take your iPod out of your pocket will cause microscopic scratches!

There are many options out there, but most do not meet the basic needs of your iPod. Security. It is necessary to protect your iPod before anything else. Make sure you first create an iPod with a good quality case, skin or sleeve.

The most popular iPod cases are as follows:

Cellphone sleeve converted to a case.

This is the most common and readily available. Unfortunately, reflected back to the 3G and 4G iPod can easily scratch the sleeve to rub against it. If you can afford a 3G or 4G iPod, you can not afford to go that route. Protect your purchases and buy something specific for your iPod.

iPod silicone skin.

This is the most common case today. They come in all shapes and sizes, colors and textures. Pay attention to the mass production of poor quality made in China with doubtful materials tear easily. The silicone skin also cheap to collect dirt and lint easily. You can find products of better quality and brand of the United States or Japan.

iPod Leather Cases.

leather cases for iPod are also very popular. Unfortunately, people have told us that the Apple brand a mirror and scratched the back cover flap. There are many quality leather case with a network of suppliers. Check the stitching on the case of good workmanship. Belkin and Digital Lifestyle is a couple that come to mind.

Water and Shock Resistant Cases.

There is a growing need for this type of case because of an active lifestyle and mobile. There are numerous cases, including those of the markets, but warned that the issue can only be the water not water proof. Water resistant means that it can withstand splashes of water will not be immersed in water, and certainly will dive! There are many aluminum cases available, which offer excellent shock resistance.

With the new knowledge you have, you are now ready to find the case that best fits your needs and most importantly your style! Happy case hunting.

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