In both science and technology, a battery is used as a kind of device used to store energy, making it available for use in an electrical form. They consist of electrochemical devices, including one or more galvanic cells.

Batteries Baghdad is believed to be the first recorded history dating back to sometime between the years 250 BC and 640 BC. Modern Battery began voltaic pile, which was developed by Alessandro Volta, Italian physicist, in 1800. Since 2005, reviews of the battery industry for the production, no pun intended, about $ 48 billion in annual sales.
Batteries can be divided into two main categories, batteries, and rechargeable or disposable batteries.
Disposable batteries are also called primary cells. They are designed for single use should not be used until the chemical modifications used to produce its power has been completed. Their common uses are smaller, more portable having either a low-leakage or used outside of a source of alternative energy.

Rechargeable batteries, also known as the other cells, has a longer operating life, because you may be charged after power has been drained. To do so, by applying electric current supplied externally. This leads to a reversal of the chemical changes that occur when using the battery. These devices are used for this is commonly known as rechargers or chargers.

"Wet cell" or lead-acid batteries, the battery is the oldest form of the battery is still in use today. This battery contains a liquid found in sealed containers, which requires the battery be kept upright. The area in which it is used, it must be well ventilated, so as not to cause air, hydrogen is explosive properties of the show.

lead-acid battery is quite heavy, even if the price of production is a small and a big wave in terms of content so that it can be widely used battery in places where its weight and handling are nothing to worry about.

The most common form of lead-acid battery is the car battery.

A gel battery is known to be a kind of beloved lead-acid battery containing a semi-solid electrolyte that is used to prevent spillage.

The types of phones are considered "dry cells. These are sealed units that are useful in devices like mobile phones and laptops. These types of cells are also found, nickel-cadmium or nickel-cadmium, nickel metal hydride or NiMH, lithium or Li-Ion, the order of the increases in power density and cost.

Both disposable batteries and rechargeable batteries are standard sizes. This is so they can easily be used in a large volume of the unit. The best known types are the batteries of the series A, including A, AA, AAA and AAAA. Also known are B, C, D, F, G, J and N. Other variants 3R12, 4R25, PP3, PP9, and 996 and PC926 used in lanterns. There are many, many more less common types of batteries and their use vary widely.


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