Having a Baby Monitor can be stressful experience for new parents - not the first nine months of pregnancy, I mean when the baby is brought to the hospital. It's always the same, when they have their third child, they have it all, but number one is one thing education.

Baby monitors help you listen to your baby's needs without having to be in the room with the child. Some baby monitors are portable or "mobile" and are small enough that you can have in your pocket as you do your daily chores around the house. Depending on your price range, it is better to have a base unit that is plugged into the wall. The receiving unit can be like on your mobile phone, you can take it with you and put it back into the base for recharging.
Some people find that their baby alarm can be interrupted by cell phones, cellular phones, computer networks and even your neighbors baby monitors. Be aware of disturbances prior to the screen for official use. Also make sure you get a screen with a receiving device that beeps when the battery is low so you do not get caught with a dead battery.

Another consideration before buying a baby monitor is to have multiple monitors. If you have more house-size of 1800, probably have no problem with the traditional baby monitor. If you live in the house, which is the square footage of 4,000 or more, or if you live in a house with multiple levels may require a specific type of unit.

There are baby monitors available that actually have what is called a motion detector. "The cushion is placed under the sheet and picks up any movement of the child can do. Some doctors recommend these types of monitors for premature babies .

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