Who likes computers? Okay, come on, we all do. If you do not need them at school or at work, you're sure to enjoy surfing the web. If your PC or Mac, you're probably one of the daily needs of today's computers.

The Apple iBook G4 is an excellent example of what computers are concerned. I bought my fourteen-inch laptop about a year ago, and now I can not live without it. The Apple iBook G4 provides a standard of 60 concerts, combo or super drive, and compact to carry anywhere.
This magnificent machine has changed my view of computers.

Coming from a PC environment, I was not aware of Apple iBook G4 or Mac at all for that matter. After a long conversation with my brother, a computer technician obsessed with the past, IBM, I came to the conclusion that I could get an iBook G4 from Apple.

If the PC business lover recommend a Mac for me, what else could I do. Now also has an iBook, and prefers his IBM notebook.

Also, I was convinced once more for a computer geek at my school who had recently made the transition from PC to Mac, and said he would not return. This is mainly due to the simplicity of the MAC.

While computers are standard left and right to choose their mouse, Apple iBook G4 has only one button. There is no right mouse button.

You want to make a command. Try open apple and a letter which refers to the command.

This is easy. N draw a new search engine block, if you surf the web and do not want to close your existing account. Icons can be dragged into folders and place of their choice. Very simple. You can hide the icons with the Apple iBook G4. Just move the mouse around the screen and will grow for your convenience.

When it comes to choosing a laptop, there are plenty of options. You should consider what to buy.

Although Macs have a reputation for video and editing capabilities, teams are known to have more playing options. In general, both types of computers can do almost everything you need and they will. It all comes down to personal preference.

After years of PC use, I chose the Apple G4 Ibook for its simplicity.

Not to mention the fight against the virus wonderful. One thing you will notice after buying a Mac, viruses seem to be a PC thing.

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