New Apple PowerBook G4, among the first to offer Bluetooth 2.0 + EDR.

Technology 2.0 + EDR, which is compatible with 1.0, is up to three times faster than previous versions, offering maximum data transfers of up to 3 Mbps. As the first company to certify a system with 2.0 + EDR, Apple continues to make great use of Bluetooth technology.
Full support

In addition, the PowerBook G4, with other Bluetooth enabled computers available from Apple, such as the iBook, iMac G5, eMac and Power Mac G5.

Making life easier
When you activate Bluetooth on your Mac can easily perform a file transfer or even a sync. In the Bluetooth selection menu, you can choose to send a file or browse devices, quickly and easily. Or you can click the sync button in iSync to update your mobile phone or Palm OS handheld.

The Mac and GSM/GPRS mobile phone with Bluetooth

working to make each other more useful. Using iSync, you can keep your phone updated without having to write anything like you can keep the information in the address book easier to handle on your Mac instead.
You can also use your Bluetooth-enabled Mac to print documents and digital images to select a compatible printer with Bluetooth technology. Or, you can also use a headset to talk to their friends during an iChat session.

Your Mac also has the ability to use Bluetooth technology to communicate with your Palm OS handheld. This way, you can perform a wireless HotSync operation. You can also send events from your card or directly to someone other handheld using Bluetooth technology.

The implementation of Bluetooth by Apple is the latest in a series of moves that have caused major changes in the computer industry. Apple established USB as the standard interface with the launch of the first Mac back in 1998.Since then Apple established the 802.11 wireless network with the launch of iBook and AirPort in 1999. In 2003, Apple introduced AirPort Extreme, which was based on the new 802.11g high speed wireless.


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