the advancement of the keylogger computer

Keylogger is a program that works as a wallpaper on your computer secretly recording all keystrokes. Once logged on to the keyboard, which are hidden, and then a striker. The attacker then carefully reviews the information in hopes of finding passwords or other information that will be useful to them. For example, a keylogger can easily obtain confidential emails and reveal the relevant third party willing to pay for the information.

Keyloggers can be either a software or hardware based. The programs are based keyloggers are easy to spread and infect, but at the same time are more easily detected. hardware-based keyloggers are more complex and more difficult to detect. To all those who know, the keyboard can be a keylogger chip attached and anything that is written is recorded in the memory is located inside the keyboard. Keyloggers have become one of the most powerful applications used for data collection in the world where encrypted traffic is becoming increasingly common.
As keyloggers are more advanced, the ability to detect them becomes more difficult. They can violate the privacy of a user for months or even years without being noticed. During this period, a keylogger can collect much information about the user it is tracking. A keylogger can not get the potential of passwords and log in name only, but the numbers of credit card or bank account information, contacts, interests, habits, web browsing, and more. All these data can be used to steal user's personal documents, money or even their identity.

Keylogger can be as simple as. Exe e. DLL that is placed on your computer and activate the boot through the register. Or more advanced keylogger, as the Perfect Keylogger or ProBot Activity Monitor has developed a full range of skills ugly, including:

As keyloggers become undetectable in the process list and invisible in operation
A kernel keylogger driver that captures keystrokes even when the user is online
A remote deployment wizard
The ability to create snapshots of active applications text
Ability to capture HTTP POST data (including log-ins/passwords)
The ability to timestamp record the use of workstation
Export HTML and text files of a newspaper
Email Automatic log delivery

All keyloggers are not used for illegal purposes. Many other uses have increased. Keyloggers have been used to monitor sites visited as a means for parents to monitor their children. They have been actively used to prevent child pornography and avoid children in contact with dangerous elements on the network.

Moreover, in December 2001, the Federal Court ruled that the FBI did not need a special order intercept keystroke recording device instead of the suspect computer. The judge gave the FBI information is kept secret key recording device (with reference to national security). Defendant in the case of Nicodemo Scarfo, Jr., is accused of gambling and usury loans, used his security of computer files. The FBI used the keystroke logging device to save the password Scarfo and get a needed file.

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