The last born of the American firm Xi3 should find its place. With particularly reduced dimensions, it embarks from worthy of a standard size package components, and is based on a partially scalable configuration.

The form of a PC is usually determined by the format of the motherboard that it hosts. Flat, it is positioned either horizontally or vertically, and the package is somehow built around it. American Xi3 decided to take the problem backwards, by designing a motherboard into three parts. At the centre, a main module houses the processor with hand and other connector owner liaising with the other two panels of the map, which themselves come stand face to face, perpendicular to the base.
In addition to its compactness, the present Z3RO according Xi3 another benefit weight: the possibility to evolve its machine configuration by replacing some or all of the three elements which compose it. So you might just change the focus to pass on a more swift processor while maintaining the rest of his computer. Other interest: the possibility to link Xi3 its a "module", sort of meaningless extension of processor for a second user to operate the machine's resources. Up to four modules could be connected to a single master box.

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