the technology NVIDIA 3D Vision

NVIDIA recently announced the extension of its "ecosystem" NVIDIA 3D Vision with the addition of new computers and monitors compatible 3D signed Lenovo. Thus all week, NVIDIA demonstrated at its booth at CES 2011 for new monitor 3D Lenovo, as well as a number of new systems 3D Vision and 3D content.
In this sense, the 3D technology NVIDIA's Vision supports the range the richest content 3D available, including 500 games in 3D, Blu - ray 3D movies, 3D pictures and video streaming on the Web, and also allows users to upload, share and visualize in full definition of 3D, photos as well as to enjoy movies in 3D NVIDIA site, the first 3D Vision community online.
In this sense, Phil Eisler, Director General 3D Vision of NVIDIA, said: "by joining the growing list of suppliers who offer compatible 3D Vision PCs, Lenovo will allow to more consumers around the world to access the entertainment experience 3D high quality on their PC." And with new Lenovo monitor, consumers will be able for the first time doing 3D stereoscopic webcast experience high quality on a desktop PC. »

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