The Motorola OEM starts Sunday the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas with three trophies paying tribute to the quality of its new aircraft, Tablet and phone, and enshrining the rebirth of a pioneer stripped.
"Motorola has found his game", had admired analyst Ehud Geldblum at Morgan Stanley, upon the submission Wednesday of these devices.
Crowned best novelty of the show, the future Tablet Xoom (pronounced zoom), has been described by many observers as the most promising competitor of the Apple iPad.
Atrix phone him when wowed the jury convened by site of Cnet specialized information with the possibility to link to various devices, to make either a multimedia box, practically a classic laptop.
These two aircraft was presented while the new Motorola Mobility began its existence independent stock, separate professional equipment now gathered under the name Motorola Solutions. Between Tuesday morning and Friday evening, the Motorola Mobility action took 2.5% 33,06 $, investors still wait.
Indeed Motorola has just experienced with mobile phones: he filed the first patents for mobile phones as early as the 1970s, has long been leader, then fault for having taken the turn of "smartphones", he failed sinking.
In 2008, the Group had planned to be split: on the one hand the professional equipment (infrastructure networks, mobile terminals for security services, barcode readers...), something healthy and regular, and the other mobile phones in difficulty due to being able to renew itself.
Six months later, these plans had to be postponed sine die: in freefall, the phones were unable to survive alone.
Today, the split is performed, activity phones has recorded several beneficiaries quarters, and especially Motorola has restored its innovative brand image.
"I do not think that anyone arriving at the these had predicted the success he would have", said William Stofega, mobile devices marketing IDC Office Specialist.
"Our partnership with Google has been very intense and led on great technology", said Saturday a makers Motorola Mobility, Alain Mutricy, receiving his trophies. "We took great risks, and it has paid", a computer engineer in the group, Seang Chau was also pleased.
Success is all the more remarkable, notes Mr. Stofega, that Motorola "succeeded his return in one of the most difficult and competitive markets" high tech "and at one of the worst economic recessions".
So far, the success remains to consolidate. Mr. Jha has already warned last month that mobile phones would lose money in the first quarter.
In financial circles, it remains cautious.
"The buzz created by the Xoom gives a boost in the short term, but we are concerned about the loss of market (among the American operator Verizon", which should soon distribute iPhone, noted analyst Peter Mizek, in a note from Jefferies brokerage house.


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