Flanged the latest software, video conferencing, Internet HD will start to take their role in new applications for their last performance. We tested nine models signed Logitech, Microsoft, Creative and Hercules.

In 2009, The First HD webcams Such As The Microsoft LifeCam Cinema HAD emerged. However, if Some of Them Actually showed a picture of very good quality, They showed limitations and Their Lack of In Particular Their Usefulness In The context of video conference: Skype or Messenger are limited, Then, at a 640x480 resolution. A limitation BYPASSED by Manufacturers Who Then put forward The Benefits of HD For Other uses, Including The Creation of video blogs and podcasts.

The agreement is changing: 5, Skype and Windows Live Messenger 2011 high definition video conferencing and finally opens it seems possible to enjoy these high definition cameras. It's a good thing because the models are increasing, especially Logitech, which has expanded its range this year. Among the new models, there are two webcams to 720p HD Webcam C310 and C510, and an impressive HD 1080 Pro webcam Webcam C910.
What are the competitors on the move a response from Microsoft, that was quick: LifeCam Studio with 1080p (on paper), and the design even more successful Film LifeCam. Recent models already tested in parallel with the preceding comparison. We have therefore taken them (Microsoft LifeCam Cinema, C600 Logitech Webcam, Creative Live! Cam Socialize HD Hercules Dualpix HD720p notebook) and HD 5000 and Microsoft LifeCam Dualpix Emotion Hercules.
Point video conferencing in HD:

you can make video calls in HD. However, it is worth noting that the compatibility depends on the websites used. So if Logitech C310, C510 and C910 can now enjoy HD 5 for Skype is not a case of non-certified webcam. For its part, Microsoft to optimize the HD web video course, Messenger 2011. Similarly, Logitech offers the latest Web Vid HD version of its software for video conferencing simple, but that does not comply with the Logitech asC600, although it supports 720p video capture. Furthermore, in all cases, it is obviously important to stress the importance of speed: a smooth HD video, you must have a good connection. Skype calls, such as 1 MB of symmetrical (upload and download, as well) and 1280x720 resolution and 30 frames per second.

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