Each year at its new small lot. Some years show more than others. In 2010, between the madness of touch and enthusiasm for 3D, we can say we're not talking about development. A ranking of the times, like Apple and Google monopolizes most of the seats. A peak-shaped Aggle. Goople or anything.
  1. IPAD: Parade of the bitch who is a newspaper opened wide. The buzz of the year. Apple, again.
  2. Samsung S Galaxy: the star (the iPhone) is a competitor. When the display quality, which overrides everything.
  3. The 11-A. MacBook Air: The thinnest and lightest notebook laptop and dairy.
  4. The Logitech Via Google TV Review: Another concept for many of us, a reality very soon.
  5. The Nexus: When Google is not Apple.
  6. IPhone 4: And when it's not Google, it's Apple. Less revolutionary than his younger brother (3), of course, but everything is still overwhelming.
  7. Apple TV, and vice versa.
  8. Toshiba Libretto dual-screen computer: A laptop with two screens. As a kind of giant Nintendo DS, yes it's true.
  9. Xbox KINECTS: murderer has announced the Wii? Eating on the go.
  10. Nook color: Reader Barnes & Noble. All of the rankings is its mystery.


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