With humble beginnings, to see mixed markets touchscreen phones, Sony Ericsson has managed to climb the hill and attack the head of his future business and technology.

After putting aside Symbian was Japanese-Swedish industrialist near closer to Internet giant Google to implement the native operating system in Silicon Valley, near today known as Android, Projects future smartphones.

This is the beginning of a new adventure for the company that has exceeded its time and money, especially after losing his place in the top 5 global manufacturers of mobile terminals.

Now the company has found its place with the launch of smartphones Series "X"in the Xperia line, including the X10, the symbol of a promising partnership between the giant and Sony Ericsson does not stop at this point because he hired a market hitherto avoided or at least very little attention by its competitors: entertainment via the mobile phone!
Leader of this Sony Ericsson has decided to be closer to their cousin, audio-visual specialist for Sony, which could affect their experience and their components. Therefore, the Japanese-Swedish company is well exploit the technology and maybe even a PlayStation Bravia (LCD HD TV lineup), not to mention the sound technology.

This new story begins with drums beating, since a prototype of the upcoming smartphone named "Zeus 1" and nicknamed "PSP Phone" (as the name "PlayStation" is not exploited commercially by the company) has already been presented to secretly Distributors this Thursday, December 9, unfortunately with no additional information about this. We can wait patiently for the Mobile World Congress taking place in Barcelona (Spain) in February 2011 for more information, with an output probably Announced in March 2011.

Despite all this enthusiasm, some will be less happy to learn that Sony Ericsson does not get closer to Microsoft and Windows 7 by phone, let alone the concept of time: the shelves! For now, the company will be consistent on the proposal of its products who wish to avoid confusion among its customers and its finances. In addition, there is little time for the Japanese-Swedish cooperation with Google and hopes to improve its relations with, catch up on updates Android, and we offer the latest version of the next OS with more new models reactivity on upgrades.

Finally, Sony Ericsson does not comply with this phenomenon of standardization of devices such as HTC, Samsung and many others who prefer to use different operating system. The company differentiates itself from its many enemies, taking advantage of important allies and the strength of experience that will surely be recognized in 2011 after the end of all the surprises for this new year!

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