The ambition of the C7 is to be a smartphone to do everything. It does fairly moderately, like its big brother N8.

The C7 reproduces the essential features of the smartphone flagship Nokia N8. Its screen measures 3.5 inches, its processor runs at 680 MHz, it integrates the new central software Symbian 3. The photo sensor of the C7, however, is deflated. It rises from 12 to 8 megapixels and loses its autofocus. When using the C7, it seems troubling to manipulate a N8. A curious experiment, ranging between excellence and archaism. Nokia engineers remain unbeatable in industrial design and electronics. But the software side, their delay is worrisome.
Carefully machined

The C7 is remarkably designed. Its materials are noble, arranged with care and precision. Its metals would envy any Samsung plastics without wearing through. The dress of the C7 is drawn with a dash of creativity and a touch of elegance. At the ends of the mobile, the bevel cutting reflects attention to detail that tends to get lost, even at Sony Ericsson. The front of the C7 has three real keys. The edge is inlaid with a lock button mounted on springs, Super convenient. In terms of design, Nokia is the top class.

The guts of the mobile reserve of other surprises. They are full of advanced components. Starting with the port USB3 ultrafast compatible "USB host". He can be connected via a USB adapter optional. The screen of the C7, when going into standby mode, displays a large clock that does not drain its batteries. Magical. As for the photo sensor of the C7, it is more efficient than most of its competitors. These details, added to the antenna Bluetooth 3.0, charger miniaturized and other assets, demonstrate the excellence of Nokia engineers.

Software exceeded

But the C7 is still lagging behind the side of its operating system, the new Symbian 3. It has improved since the previous version, but it still does not honor the world's leading manufacturer. This OS does nothing compared to the competition. Aficionados gather Nokia Symbian nevertheless 3 habits slightly modified. The interface is simplified and thinned. C7 menus are almost pleasant, even if they always seem outdated to compete. The home screen is too loaded and some icons are simply incomprehensible. They are accompanied by no text to disambiguate.

The thrust of Symbian 3 boils down to this office "data centric", that is to say, "full of information. " It includes the e-mails, news Facebook, Twitter, and the press. As well as key contacts and favorite programs. This is the principle of widgets and shortcuts popularized by Android. It's quite functional, but it is unfortunate that these widgets are clustered on three pages. The information displayed in lowercase. Their consultation is difficult for those without perfect vision. An error ergonomics quite incomprehensible from the world's leading manufacturer. Moreover, these widgets can not be enlarged. We can add others but the choice is quite limited.

What about applications? Again, the C7 is late. Access to the list of applications is quite simple since it only requires two clicks. The choice is quite limited when compared to such heavyweights but Nokia is expanding its catalog regularly. It downloads them to a shop Ovi Store rather pleasant. Alas, Nokia did not see fit to incorporate the C7 Ovi Store by default. To view the RSS Facebook and Twitter to the desktop, open an account Ovi. An obligation irritating, especially Ovi plant occasionally and calls for updates laborious. Symbian 3 suffers from a considerable delay on several other points. The system notifications (email, SMS, calls) is passable. As for the browser, it is outdated. The pages load slowly, the texts are microscopic, controls difficult to understand and windowing is absent.



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