The Nokia N8 since we arrived a little over a week which allowed to test in real conditions during this period. Do not hide after having tested many Android smartphones, the iPhone 4 and the latest Apple Phone Windows 7, we were eager to take over the Nokia N8 latest smartphone upscale brand from Finland.

Marketed since October 2010 at a price of around € 469 without plan, it has a very dense packaging to find a converter mini-HDMI to HDMI Cable microUSB for data transfer, reloading and another USB to microUSB cable for connection of a USB key. Of course, we must not forget the necessary charger and manuals.
Global view:

It is clear that if one compares the Nokia N8 others, who finished the copy. An aluminum shell and an impressive sight screws a few are sufficient to demonstrate that the quality is there. In the back of the camera, speakerphone and a digital camera to provide the deportees are a little better sound quality. Its dimensions are 113.5 x 59.1 x 12.9 mm and weighs 135 grams. Designed on a piece of anodized aluminum and a scratch-resistant glass, it is clear that Nokia has come a long way since the Nokia 5800, and more.


Nokia N8 an ARM 11 running at 680 MHz GPU and coupled with a shoulder 256 MB of RAM. It may seem very little compared to the competition, but the text reads smoothly in high-definition video and games like Angry Bird and Need For Speed Shift works well. The Symbian operating system is also very sensitive to a slowdown little to regret. Nokia has had great success with its equipment to optimize.


What about the Nokia N8 screen where the competition from Apple on the retina or the Samsung Super AMOLED proud to do things better than others? The display is at the top of the material. His AMOLED 3.5 "capacitive resolution of 360 x 640 pixels is of excellent quality. The colors are beautiful, deep black pixels and less visible to the naked eye. You should know that the monitor and the Gorilla which is highly resistant to scratches, dust or water. We find that, for example, on the same screen type to Motorola Defy.

Digital camera:

Digital Camera Nokia N8 is a 12-megapixel Carl Zeiss lens, autofocus and Xenon flash. Even if the thought of a 12 megapixel camera smartphone? The picture quality is definitely a good game, but I can not imagine a much less compact and a DSLR. How many megapixels is going to install the smartphone manufacturer. Experts figure is the first to say that this is not the number of megapixels, which ensures good pictures. However, smart phone, the Nokia N8 produce images more successful than the average. It is not long, when we see the first smart phone is equipped with a 18 megapixel camera ... video capture, the Nokia N8 given a valuation of 720p and fluid.


As for multimedia, the Nokia N8 can claim to be compatible with many video formats (DivX/XviD/MP4/H.264/H.263/WMV) and audio (MP3/WMA / WAV / eAAC +). The video player comes to play 720p without problems, so we try to connect your smartphone to a HDTV to see how it looks on a larger screen. This is where the Nokia N8 showed its multimedia capabilities. Watching a film shot in high definition video for you, your photos need to play weekend for Speed Shift on TV are the features that the Nokia N8 done very well. little note to the music player when the text comes in landscape mode, similar to Apple's CoverFlow (see picture above).


This is certainly a big black spot on your smartphone. If Android IOS and Windows 7 Phone excelled in their specialties, Symbian relifted 3, where Nokia ergonomic. It's true that initially the home page is divided into three sites with customizable widgets may seem practical. But over time, does not appear easy customization. Phone Navigation in the world is inconsistent and often requires a lot of manipulation of the lower end. However, Nokia set does not disappear. When you try from Nokia, two followers, are quickly made signs. Multitasking is also a game, you can safely run multiple applications at once, as you can manage the rest of the menu button.


Maintenance of computer networks + GSM/3G/3G no problem with the Nokia N8 has also become a couple of times a week, for some unknown reason, the text loses any network and wait for the second three minutes before his return.


A highlight of the Nokia N8 is clearly connectivity. Indeed, apart from 3.5 mm jack or a microSD slot, it has a mini HDMI port connection to a TV or other compatible display and port microUSB OTG also allows you to connect via an adapter, a USB key. For example you can play audio files from your USB drive on Nokia N8. It is also equipped with a GPS chip, Wi-Fi 802.11 b / g / n, Bluetooth 3.0 with A2DP and UPnP. Speaking of GPS, if we do not try anymore, book with Nokia Mobile Ovicartes program that allows offline use GPS maps are available free by the manufacturer. But attention to the spelling of places, the search engine is very flexible with errors.


N8 Nokia offers 16 GB of internal memory, you can add a microSD card to expand it to 32GB. This large memory capacity enables the Nokia N8 perfect portable media device.


The unit is also equipped with several sensors. The proximity sensor to turn off the screen when the smartphone closer to your ear, the accelerometer to change the user interface in landscape mode, then adjust the brightness sensor, as its name suggests, the backlight according to the brightness of the room.

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