Do you know XBMC? This is a project of Media Center interface is constantly evolving. The major version 10.0, known as Dharma, brings a host of improvements and innovations. Among the main, the addition of add-ons directly into XBMC without any complex manipulation and without seeking to know the compatibility with the operating system.
Dharma thus itself responsible for managing add-ons. This means that they are provided for XBMC, and not a particular system. In addition, the interface now includes a centralized management and offers options and settings for each of them. The search, download and uninstall are also through the menu Add-ons XBMC.
It is of course the purely gratuitous. The list of add-ons available is growing constantly, and you will easily find a module that we want to change the theme of the interface, add functionality, etc.. In the case of particular themes, then there exists a central place to change the whole interface in one go According to the website dedicated HomeMedia, here is the list of improvements and new features are most important in the management of the media:


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