IPhone 4 is barely out of cardboard that the iPhone 5  is subject to many rumors, sometimes crazy, sometimes justified, but in most cases desirable. Recently, rumors about the  new iPhone 5, Apple phone would be compatible with CDMA and it would be an 8-megapixel camera (like many other smartphones today). It would also seem that the IOS 5 will be updated with new graphics.

But the news today, we arrive at a new service for MacBook users or iMac.En real future would be new iPhone 5 with an NFC chip. Specifically, it will provide iPhone to take a portion of a file from a Mac user of a recognition process of identification "no contact".
Several types of files can be supported. It would, for example the case of music purchased through the AppStore, or images that have files on your iPhone or MobileMe. It is not ruled out the transferability of the integrated system in the system settings and applications purchased from the App Store.

Some say it's no surprise, because we've already talked about the blogosphere in November 2010, it now seems clear that the inconvenience. But as it is still far away, let's see how it includes IOS 4.3 or the final jailbreak 4.2.



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