To satisfy the nostalgic while allowing younger hone their video gaming culture, Sony Computer Entertainment will soon propose NeoGeo titles on the PlayStation Network. An initial list (see below) has already fallen. These will be available from December 21 on the U.S. market and the next day on the Japanese and European markets. All will be available in two versions: PSP and PS3. These versions will offer a digital display adapted to support a replay mode, digital records and the ability to save at any time.
In addition, the PSP versions, offered at 700 yen / $ 6.99, add an option for ad-hoc multiplayer. As for the PS3 version, shown at 900 yen / $ 8.99, they will be playable online and compatible with the friends list. European prices have not yet been released but are expected to turn in those waters. However, subscribers to PS More will be spoiled as they will be entitled to 20% discount on the titles for two weeks and they can enjoy free of Samurai Shodown from 22 December and Magician Lord in February 2011.
List of the first titles confirmed:


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