Microsoft Unveil Windows 8 And Windows 7 Tablets

The New York Times, Steve Ballmer will present the Consumer Electronics Show (early January) for at least two models of Windows 7 tablets manufactured by Dell and Samsung. Demonstrates Windows 8 is also provided. After a few months, Microsoft aims to respond to that Windows 7 will launch the shelves on time. According to the New York Times Bits blog, there is no time to wait, for now, because it is the Consumer Electronic Show in Las Vegas (June-September 2001) Steve Ballmer final excitement.

Microsoft boss will present several shelves designed by different manufacturers including Dell and Samsung. The operating system Windows 7 Phone, available initially in two Optimus Quantum LG appliances. First note that it differs from the other in terms of user interface and design. His look is definitely modern, even futuristic limit. Let's face it, it takes a period of adaptation to these menus off center or the text deliberately too big and full screen.

The real problem is that despite its late arrival in the market, Windows 7 Phone still shows large holes. The system does not support multitasking, which is nothing less qu'impardonnable in the current context. At this point you could almost stop the criticism immediately. Ditto for the copy and paste, also absent.
The second major irritant in my opinion, is the contact management. This system, unlike anything that has always done on mobile phones, do not count contacts directory itself, but rather a kind of potpourri of all the people you are connected in some way.

One can find the contacts you've entered the phone number in hand, of course, but also all those who have been automatically synchronized with your Gmail, Windows Live (Hotmail) or, more importantly, Facebook. Without distinction. On paper the idea sounds great, but in reality is a mess quickly.
Fortunately, there is an option to import from Facebook that the information relating to existing contacts in your phone and let your nephew's 8th stepmother where he is, but it is a slippery slope.

This is especially true as the integration with Facebook, should you choose to do so, interferes also in your collection of photos, where you will find them all over the world. In short, Microsoft is understood to have wanted to do a lot of room to Facebook, but it would have been nice to let us choose more parsimonious with what interested us from the range of possibilities. In summary, Windows 7 Phone provides a good basis, but it is already clearly in need of an update. Hopefully it will come before the others are rendered even more.


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