LG LW6500 Passive-3D HDTV LG Company show the New LG LW6500 passive 3D television. LG LW6500 is passive 3D still requires glasses that will make you goofy, although inside your home.
And although LG has just announced it will be in Las Vegas Consumer Electronics Show 2011: the LW6500. This is a new range of televisions 3D terrain to passive technology. And it will benefit from the technology owner of LG, film-Type Patterned Retarder, which according to the manufacturer reduces crosstalk (ghosting) and causes much less eyestrain. From elsewhere this SAF will be associated on the model to another technology: 3D Light Boost, optimizing the brightness depending on the nature of your different video content.

The model will be proposed with inexpensive to the consumer, similar to those proposed in the cinema 3D terrain (passive technology) sessions and passive glasses. 2D to 3D conversion technology will be available. This model will be also certified DivX Plus HD.

We do not yet know rates applied to this range. However, following its official specifications:
- Smart TV
- 3D Light Boost
- Flicker-Free
- Blur-Free
- LED Plus
- Local Dimming
- TruMotion 200Hz
- Wide Viewing Angle
- 2D to 3D conversion
- Depth/Viewpoint Control
- USB 2.0
- DLNA/WiFi/DVR ready
- DivX Plus/HD
- HDMI 1.4
- Smart Energy Saving


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