iPad 2 G says continuing. According to the latest, it seems that the new tablet has an LCD screen than its predecessor.

Apparently, Cupertino had no intention of choosing a new technology to equip its future IPAD slab. If you believe information from Digitimes, Apple has already shelved the idea of equipping the IPAD 2 with the AMOLED screen.

AMOLED is certainly an interesting relationship because of its low power consumption and optimized for contrast, but its integration with the iPad 2 had to be abandoned because of technical problems and production problems.

According to this source, Cupertino has her eye on the choice of a supplier of lighting units Coretronic. On the other hand, the mark would remain loyal to senior staff, Innolux Chimei and LG to offer the first liquid crystal screen  iPad 2.
According to rumors, these two suppliers to provide up to 600,000 LCD screens to IPAD Two initially. Production on the shelf it would start in February and its delivery in March or April 2011. We finally note that these details remain on the scene rumors, so it is best to take the next subject to any confirmation.


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