3D on the iPhone and iPad, it may be yet to come: Imagination Technologies, the company behind the PowerVR SGX graphics chip . used by Apple in its touch devices, will open its wallet to acquire a company specializing in 3D.

Imagination Technologies is to buy Caustic Graphics for $27m to bring 3D graphics to mobile phones. The company also recently acquired VoIP operator, HelloSoft for “up to $47 million”, "reports claim. 27 million Caustic Graphics is in the hands of Imagination Technologies, Apple also owns 9.3%.
The idea behind the acquisition is integrated display solutions Imagination 3D graphics, an area where Apple is also working in the light of recent patents filed by the company at the apple on the subject. As Nintendo 3DS, and other products may be of help (without needing glasses) would Cupertino, it appears in the wagon of 3D?

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