A new HTC handset is all set to land on Verizon and it looks like a combination of the HTC EVO 4G and the HTC Incredible HD.
First smartphone Android to connect on a 4 G network, the EVO 4 G of HTC battle in the top category of range.
HTC Evo 4 G is the first WiMAX smartphone that runs under the Android operating system.
Side functionality, the Evo provides pretty: screen touch 4.3 inch, 1 GB of memory (ROM) and 512 M0 of RAM, a microSD for a 32 GB card, Snapdragon 1 - GHz, HD 720 p video processor and also an 8 megapixel digital photo camera location.

He has just been unveiled at CTIA 2010 and will be distributed in the United States by Sprint.


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