Google News is very loaded right now. After Android Pan S 2.3 and Nexus, the king of search engines Presents Chrome, its new operating system. Player on the Web, Google continues its momentum with an operating system based entirely on the Web and Cloud. No need to go through a complex installation or configuration of drivers. The system will be connected, be updated when you grow up and allow you to run applications directly through the web browser. In fact, Google Chrome could almost be considered a very advanced web browser. Of course, it can be used offline, when using applications that are capable of.

Applications precisely, will be accessible via the Google Chrome Webstore ( / webstore) and will sometimes free, sometimes paying as is already the case on the Android Market for example. Machine side, Semple Google does not have foreseen the Google Notebook, but has established a pilot program based on a Notebook (and Google insists that it is not a netbook ...) which carries the codename CR 48. This laptop features a 12.1 inch screen, an Intel Atom CPU, a webcam, SSD, and manages WiFi like the 3G is also a characteristic needed to be endorsed by Google. The CR-48 weighs 1.72Kg if a self-announced eight hours of operation. This laptop should never be offered commercially, but we imagine that manufacturers will be inspired to develop their products. On this side, Samsung and Acer should be the first notebooks with Chrome OS that will be launched later next year.

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