the BBG received before yesterday a Google Cr-48 netbook. They did a little unpacking, first impressions are reproduced here. At first glance, Google ultraportable Cr-48 it seems that black MacBook from Apple. The screen is 12.1 inches, and the set is configured as the MacBook in one piece. The movement is very smooth, very beautiful, although not at the level of the MacBook Air, and the keys are sufficiently spaced that makes it enjoyable to use.

Here are some impressions on the fly:
  • We quickly turning on the laptop. It resumes from standby in a second maximum.
  • Touch seems very attractive at first, but ultimately it's very funny.
  • It is more a subjective consideration than anything else, except we prefer glossy screens to matte screens, but screens are better integrated masts to the hull dull and soft.
  • Switching between different windows is extremely fast.
  • It is very difficult to accept the idea that everything is going on and the browser. But finally, well, it works great.
  • accounts receivable function perfectly well, and is very good news.
  • All extensions and bookmarks (which usually had our Chrome) has been transferred smoothly on the laptop.
  • The machine speed is generally quite slow compared to what one might expect from a laptop of 12 inches.
  • Trackpad is very annoying, and it does not work very hard to use. It gives a sense of low cost, and then even think of using only one finger.


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