The output of the  Fujifilm FinePix W Series Real 3D is a consumer-grade digital camera capable of capturing three-dimensional images as well as movies, in addition to normal 2D images and movies. It has two lenses, and an autostereoscopic display which directs pixels of the image towards the user's left and right eyes separately. The remainder of the camera is similar to other digital cameras.

The FinePix REAL 3D W3 digital camera comes complete with two 10-megapixel sensors and two Fujinon 3x optical zoom lenses. This set-up allows you to capture high-definition, high-resolution images and movies in 3D effortlessly, just by selecting 3D Auto. What's more, your memories will be captured with stereo audio sound in movie mode.FinePix Real 3D W3 confirms the determination of FUJIFILM continue developing upon success found 3D imaging fall last by the first digital 3d camera device.
Fujifilm FinePix Real 3D W3 Digital Camera with 3.5-Inch LCD

Capture 3D HD movies and still photos. Shoot high-resolution 3D photos and movies effortlessly with 3D Auto. The

Technical Details
  • Capture high-resolution images in 2D and 3D
  • Record HD 3D movies (720p resolution); dual 10-megapixel CCD and lens system
  • 3.5-inch widescreen autostereoscopic LCD displays images and movies in 3D instantly, with no glasses required
  • mini-HDMI output jack offers easy connection to a compatible 3D HDTV; view images and movies instantly in 3D
  • Capture images and movies to SD/SDHC memory cards (not included)


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