Manufacturers (HD consoles anyway) have repeatedly promised, the consoles are only half of its life cycle. Besides, nobody wants to buy a new console at full price, not the developers wanted to start from scratch with new architectures. This seemed to please everyone at a time when the PS3 and 360 are more and still have a large market share to conquer. But there is always a little anxiety in the air every time a developer says we could not do it because there was not enough memory, this or that A recent example, theGran Turismo 5. If the limits of the PS3 game console at the end of this generation and interferes with the development of GT5, GT6 hope so how can fill the gaps of its predecessor?

In short, how to give developers more control over the modification of the console? This project will examine the producer? If we are on a new patent pending in Japan, Sony Computer, so maybe something was in this direction. To increase the power of the console and make the switch PS3.5, the patent refers to the appearance of one or more external device that is connected to the console, so that more components are mixed multilateral architecture.
Then increase the power of the console through a device or an external processor, a real possibility of a technique? What are the benefits and risks to consumers if such an option was to appear on the market? The debate should be raised.

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