Chinese pirates in contact with the Windows source code

Chinese hackers have access to Windows source code through the links they have met with Chinese security companies, according to a document posted on Wikileaks.

Comments in a document published by Wikileaks (see below) says that the Chinese security company in the source code of Microsoft Windows would be in their service to Chinese pirates. Wikileaks document deals with the Pirates, who have worked in companies linked to themselves CNITSEC (China Information Security Technology Center). This center is responsible for Information Technology Security Certification Program provides a national assessment and certification system for testing the safety and security products. CNITSEC is also an institution that since 2003 has the Windows source code for Microsoft Government Security Program.

In addition, access to Windows source code is not as rare and / or impossible (even apart from the occasional leak of this type of code on the internet). Since 2001 already provides access to Microsoft source code for a large number of users and customers as part of its Shared Source Initiative. These are the governments (more than 60 years, according to rumors), the Most large companies, academic institutions, OEMs, systems integrators and Valuable Professionals (MVPs). These groups have access to the code in clear conditions. In addition, experts are very skeptical about the chances an individual seeking only weaknesses million lines of code.

These are the comments in English paper published by Wikileaks: 56. (S / NF) CTAD how. Attack network projects of scientific research In addition, companies CNITSEC recruited or Chinese hackers in support of nationally-funded from June 2002 to March 2003, uses TopSec known Chinese pirate, Lin Yong (also known as Leon and the owners of the Honker Union of China) as a security engineer senior management services and safety training services.Venus Tech, a company CNITSEC second dedicated to the GSP, est aussi known XFOCUS to join one of the few to groups of Chinese hackers exploiting known for developing new vulnerabilities in a short period of time, as seen in the 2003-release of the Blaster worm (See SDAC Daily Read File (DRF) April 4, 2008).. 57 (S / / NF) CTAD comment: Although the relationship between the largest Chinese companies and China are not rare, illustrate the use of CPP's private sector to support the Government Information Warfare purpose, especially in the capacity of ICT to collect, process and use information. TOPSEC With As shown, it is possible CRP Talent is abundant harvest sector ICT sector, to strengthen the offensive and defensive computer network operations capabilities. (Additional sources 51-52)

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