Android 3.0 Coming in March March 2011

Currently, Google does not provide specifically on the release date of Android 3.0. Just be aware that the next major version of the mobile platform will be released free over the next year. However, the site DigiTimes said on Thursday that version 3.0 of Android should be out in March 2011. Several manufacturers also are preparing to market Tablet PCs in the months following
The launch of Android 3.0 in the first quarter of 2011 seems increasingly inevitable. Indeed, the small world of high-tech will be very busy early in the year with two international shows in Las Vegas and Barcelona. The first will take place in January and the second in February. Consequently, manufacturers prepare for battle in the hope of seducing consumers worldwide.

Now, Google has not made it easier for manufacturers in this field. First, the U.S. giant had asked not to fall back on current versions of the operating system, promising the upcoming release of a version more suitable for large screens. Then, the output of Android 3.0 was considered a time for the fourth quarter of 2010 before being postponed.
At a time when the Tablet PCs are gaining popularity and will certainly technology trend for 2011, one can easily imagine the "friendly" pressure from manufacturers on Google so that it is rushing to finalize the next version of the system mobile operating. Because the trade issue is very important.

Google has a vested interest in Android 3.0 out very quickly. Especially as its big rival, Apple has been successful so this year with the first version of the iPad. If the company has not yet officially announced the arrival of an iPad 2, production of the future of the Tablet PC Cupertino company has started. The competition promises to be tough between competitors.


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