Achieving contacts off your old cell phone and against the iPhone may or are certainly not an effortless process. In case you have already got your contacts aloof neatly in Outlook (Windows), Address Bo (Mac) or possibly a Yahoo! Address Book (Mac/Windows), the tactic is so simple as syncing via iTunes. If the whole you've is a handful contacts stored on an old cellphone, however, the process is a little more elaborate.  

Listed below are your options:

Head over to an AT&T store (Mac and Windows) AT&T can copy contacts out of your  old phone's SIM card to the USB thumb drive.Sadly, the contacts will likely be residing in the PBB format, which  is not obvious by Mac OS X's Address Book or Outlook during Windows.

But if youre utilizing Windows you could import this .csv file directly into Outlook or your Yahoo! Address E-book (login into your Yahoo! Mail membership via an online browser, choose Options in a result Mail Options, then Contact Options, then Import /Expoert. Click on a Browse button, and choose your .csv, as a result click Import Now).

Alternatively, you might use the AT&T "Content Manager" to transform the PBB file into an Outlook compatible  format, but a few readers have undergone hitch with this tool.

You could possibly then sync them as part of your iPhone: open iTunes, select your  iPhone and choose the knowledge tab, then choose confirm the "Sync Outlook contacts" or "Sync Yahoo Address Book" option.)

But if you are by using a Mac, you have a few options. You might use Address Book  Importer to press the .csv file data directly into Address Book then sync via iTunes. Or, you are able to import the .csv file into Yahoo! (login into your Yahoo! Mail account via an internet browser, select Options then Mail Options, then Contact Options, then Import /Export. Get on well the Browse button, and choose your .csv, then click Import Now) and sync by means of iTunes.

Mobile Handset Manager (Windows) That tool can import contacts from the large choice of mobile handsets into Outlook. The contacts can and be synced via iTunes to your iPhone. It's surprisingly tranquil make use of, and comes in the two USB and Bluetooth variants (pick one looking on your phone's capabilities).
One time youve moved your contacts to Outlook using this tool, obtainable iTunes, select your iPhone and choose the Info tab, then use check the "Sync Outlook contacts" option.

Missing Sync (Mac) If you really are commencing using a Palm, Windows Mobile or BlackBerry device and utilizing a Mac, Missing Sync is probably going your most excellent bet. The tool works by culling data  from an aging handset (utilizing a distinctive, device-specific version of Missing Sync, which can be utilized in trial mode  for 14 days) then switching it to iPhone-compatible data, that is certainly subsequently pushed to the iPhone. A single installer includes English, French and German  language editions. Electronic downloads are priced at $40 using the Mark/Space On-line Store.

Manually transmit contacts A dire prospect for plenty of, transferring contacts manually  to the iPhone is nonetheless effective. Once your contacts are around the iPhone, you can sync them in to Address Book or Outlook effortlessly.


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