Once you connect to the Internet can harm your computer. It is a fact. The antivirus software and the reasons for similar products that are created to protect your Computer.It not your fault that you have the virus, but you should take methods to prevent this from happening again.

Keep PC Clean: It is very important that your PC is clean if you use the Internet. Rene bad, dangerous things, "also known as spyware, adware or viruses.There are many types of dangerous objects, but fortunately there is also healing to keep your computer protected.

The software must be used: the two most important software is antivirus and anti-adware. Ta ISN need to buy 30 different types of anti spyware software ... However, it must choose between two software that protects your computer. They wil l work in the background automatically. Some anti-adware also heal spyware, no adware ..

Schedule Maintenance: The software can block spyware and adware. However, you can also use the software when you're offline. You should scan your computer with the software at least once every three weeks. This will clean hazardous objects. These objects can do much damage to your computer.


Measures: We already mentioned that it takes two limit protection software running on your computer if you download software / movies / images / movies or just about anything else on the Internet, we recommend that you scan these items. Before opening right click on them and use your anti-virus.

Go to Control Panel to activate the firewall. Firewall is also a permanent protection that can be very important.Once you have installed this software to protect your computer and re-establish a relationship between freedom they deserve. Keep in mind that prevention is better than cure.


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