How do I know what kind of RAM to buy for my desktop?

Very common and often ask and answer the question that many of our customers to buy their memory modules DDR RAM, how to find the exact type and specifications of the memory modules RAM for your computer desktop or laptop. All the answer was the same, and here is a full report to find the type of memory (Is DDR1 or DDR2), and other information, such as FSB (Front Side Bus) and the motherboard clock speed memory module The FSB: DRAM frequency ratio, total memory size and the total number of channels used at this time. This information helps determine which memory module, or better suited for a laptop upgrade or replacement. It is also very easy to find information using a free program called CPU-Z.

CPU-Z program is free and you can get from many places. Do a search on Google for CPU-Z Download; and get a program to save and install on your computer. Once installed / command after the installation wizard to restart the computer and run the program. This program once started to write all the above information, the CPU and Memory, changing the panels covered with panels from the top tabs. Once you have obtained all the information you can contact the memory vendor or manufacturer technical representative to obtain confirmation of the form of RAM for your computer. If you intend to buy DDR RAM from online shopping site, to ensure that the return policy, if the memory module is not very suitable for the computer. Here's an effective clock speed of memory is a very common frequency written on the package and the memory module itself. The actual memory clock is different DDR1, DDR2 and DDR3.
Memory frequency of application:

DDR1 RAM - 2xMemory Clock
DDR2 RAM - 4xMemory Clock
DDR3 RAM - 8xMemory Clock

An example of the memory clock speed of 100 MHz in three types of DDR RAM. We will calculate the speed of effective memory clock for the three types.

Effective memory frequency DDR1/100MHz/DDR-200/PC-1600 = 2x100 = 200 MHz
Effective memory frequency DDR2/100MHz/DDR2-400/PC2-3200 = 4x100 = 400 MHz
Effective memory frequency DDR3/100MHz/DDR3- 800 / PC3-6400 = 8x100 = 800 MHz

Now, using the example above, it is very easy to identify what kind of DDR RAM is a computer or laptop. Many questions are still uncertain to be determined. But this is the basic observation that DDR RAM is best suited to your PC or laptop.

Regardless of all these best advice is to consult a computer specialist to know the best way to select memory. If the memory clock on the old memory is below the new memory module will automatically detect the computer and work at the speed of the old memory is not new. You'll have the real capacity of the memory. The only solution is to remove the old DDR RAM you just install the new DDR RAM. As I said earlier, there are many specific settings in the BIOS to create, while improving or replacing a DDR RAM with a new larger capacity and higher speed. It is strongly advised to consult specialist computer equipment before buying and installing a RAM DDR solely for that purpose, even if you know how to install it by yourself.

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